Monday, August 18, 2008

Governor Perdue Announces 112 High Performance Principals

Governor Sonny Perdue and State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox announced today the names of 112 High Performance Principals that have overseen dramatic improvements in student achievement in Georgia public schools.

“These outstanding educators have fostered school environments that are conducive to student achievement,” said Governor Perdue. “As I have often said, it is important to keep score, measure results and then recognize success. These principals have excelled in their efforts, and I am pleased to honor them with the designation of High Performance Principal.”
Governor Perdue introduced the High Performance Principal program in 2006 to recognize excellent school leaders.

“As a teacher for 15 years, I know the huge impact a great principal can have on a school,” said Superintendent Cox. “Year after year, our High Performance Principals have been getting the job done by empowering teachers, engaging parents and inspiring students.”

Three criteria were used to identify possible High Performance Principals:

- Data: The data must show that a principal led improvement at a low-performing school or brought a good school to a higher level
- Longevity: The principal must have been assigned to his or her school for at least three consecutive years
- Recommendation: The principal must be recommended for the designation by his or her school system.

Below are the names of the principals earning the “High Performance Principal” designation for 2008:


Herndon, G. S., Appling County, Appling County Elementary School
Johnson, Keith, Appling County, Appling County Middle School
Hamer, Rosemary, Atlanta Public Schools, Bethune Elementary School
Evans, Karen M., Atlanta Public Schools, Brandon Elementary School
Jessie, Alfonso L., Atlanta Public Schools, Cascade Elementary School
Barber, Marcus A., Atlanta Public Schools, Fickett Elementary School
Reich, Lorraine B., Atlanta Public Schools, Jackson Elementary School
Robinson, Mae B., Atlanta Public Schools, M. A. Jones Elementary School
Barlow Brown, Karen D., Atlanta Public Schools, Peyton Forest Elementary School
Baker, Sidney E, Atlanta Public Schools, Smith Elementary School
Rogers, Gwendolyn G., Atlanta Public Schools, Usher Elementary School
Davis, Clarietta M., Atlanta Public Schools, Venetian Hills Elementary School
May, Cynthia C., Atlanta Public Schools, West Manor Elementary School
Lavant, Patricia P., Atlanta Public Schools, Whitefoord Elementary School
Underdue, Donell, Atlanta Public Schools, Connally Elementary School
Bockman, Elizabeth B., Atlanta Public Schools, Inman Middle School
Goolsby, Flora W., Atlanta Public Schools, Walden Middle School
Smith, Tyronne M., Atlanta Public Schools, Mays High School
Carter, Shirlene B., Atlanta Public Schools, Southside High School
Proctor, Dennis Lewis, Berrien County, Berrien Middle School
Townsend, Annette W., Bleckley County, Bleckley County Elementary School
Taylor, Charles E., Carroll County, Bowdon High School
Newton, Julie E., Chatham County, Bartow Elementary School
Ball, Rebecca W., Chatham County, Jacob G. Smith Elementary School
Macmillan, Theodore Haff, Clarke County, Barrow Elementary School
Lattizori, Robin E., Cobb County, Mount Bethel Elementary School
Griffeth, Doreen R., Cobb County, Shallowford Falls Elementary School
Snell, James H., III, Cobb County, Dodgen Middle School
Stowers, Charlotte, Cobb County, Pope High School
Higgins, Thomas S., Cobb County, Walton High School
Evans, Bernadette G., Coffee County, Ambrose Elementary School
Davis, Bainard M., Coffee County, Eastside Elementary School
Harper, Sue S., Coffee County, Satilla Elementary School
Paschal, Michelle H., Columbia County, Stevens Creek Elementary School
Carney, Jeffrey L., Columbia County, Lakeside High School
Smith, Kay S., Crisp County, A. S. Clark Elementary School
Thomas, Marvin V., Decatur County, Hutto Middle School
Frazer, Linda Dianne, DeKalb County, Austin Elementary School
Heckman, Elizabeth W., DeKalb County, Brockett Elementary School
McCraw, Elizabeth Ann, DeKalb County, Idlewood Elementary School
Humble, Gail Ann, DeKalb County, Kittredge Magnet School
Dillard, Carmen Lucille, DeKalb County, Oak Grove Elementary School
Burger, Charlene Smith, DeKalb County, Vanderlyn Elementary School
McCauley, Susan Marie, DeKalb County, DeKalb School of the Arts
Williams, Carolyn D., DeKalb County, Stone Mountain High School
Hilliard, Thomas M., Dodge County, North Dodge Elementary School
Mallard, Wanda M., Dougherty County, International Studies Elementary Magnet
Thursby, Holly R., Dougherty County, Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet
Nail, Pamela A., Douglas County, Winston Elementary School
Holland, Diane Welch, Evans County, Claxton Middle School
Bell, Wenonah M., Fayette County, Braelinn Elementary School
Bullock, Karen F., Fayette County, Kedron Elementary School
Patton, Lenore T., Fayette County, Rising Starr Middle School
Fleming, Tracie G., Fayette County, McIntosh High School
Terry, Sonia B, Fulton County, Crabapple Crossing Elementary School
Curry, Steven E., Fulton County, Findley Oaks Elementary School
Dorenkamp, Susan J., Fulton County, Heards Ferry Elementary School
Martin, John E., Fulton County, State Bridge Crossing Elementary School
Melin, Dawn V., Fulton County, River Trail Middle School
Fogartie, Elizabeth V., Fulton County, Webb Bridge Middle School
Zervakos, Peter F., Fulton County, Northview High School
Spurka, Edward J., Fulton County, Roswell High School
Meadors, Sarah T., Gainesville City, Enota Elementary School
Morrison, Nancy M., Gwinnett County, Bethesda Elementary School
Jones, Kathryn M., Gwinnett County, Camp Creek Elementary School
Ray, Mary S., Gwinnett County, Craig Elementary School
Farmer, Michelle, Gwinnett County, Head Elementary School
Allison, Laurie A., Gwinnett County, J. A. Alford Elementary
Watlington, Terry A., Gwinnett County, Kanoheda Elementary School
Beasley, Jacqueline V., Gwinnett County, Lilburn Elementary School
Rutledge, Cynthia A., Gwinnett County, McKendree Elementary School
Ackerman, Margaret M, Gwinnett County, Meadowcreek Elementary School
Barlow, Richard C., Gwinnett County, Riverside Elementary School
Stranahan, Vivian R., Gwinnett County, Shiloh Elementary School
Schmit, Bron Gayna, Gwinnett County, Simpson Elementary School
Campbell, John P., Gwinnett County, Frank N. Osborne Middle School
Stegall, Martha J., Gwinnett County, Brookwood High School
Clark, Valerie M., Gwinnett County, Central Gwinnett High School
Blenke, Albert P., Gwinnett County, Duluth High School
Buchanan, Charles D, Gwinnett County, Parkview High School
Tompkins, Paulette, Houston County, Kings Chapel Elementary School
Lauristen, Preston K., Houston County, Russell Elementary School
Elrod, Kathy K., Jackson County, North Jackson Elementary School
Johns, Pam G., Jackson County, South Jackson Elementary School
Kitterman, Hulet E., Jefferson County ,Louisville Academy
Holton, Judy, Jenkins County, Jenkins County Elementary School
Warren, John M, Laurens County, Northwest Laurens Elementary
Johnson, James M., Liberty County, Jordye Bacon Elementary School
Carmichael, Pamela A., Lincoln County, Lincoln County Middle School
Rhodes, Steven, McDuffie County, Norris Elementary School
Powell, Claude, McDuffie County, Thomson Middle School
Collins,Vernonica Jennings, Muscogee County, Britt David Elem. Computer Magnet Academy
Talley, Pauline H., Muscogee County, Davis Elementary School
Cassell, Melana S., Muscogee County, Edgewood Elementary School
Robison, Ann Schwan, Muscogee County, Hannan Elementary
Wilson, Carlton, Pickens County, Hill City Elementary School
Smith, Harry Anthony, Pierce County, Pierce County High School
Dallas, Janina C., Richmond County, McBean Elementary School
Addison, Vicky D., Richmond County, Davidson Magnet School
Stubbs, Robert Larry, Schley County, Schley Middle High School
Stowe, Robert M., Stephens County, Eastanollee Elementary School
Whiten, Sherrie A., Stephens County, Toccoa Elementary School
Wilcox, James Garrett, Tattnall County, Reidsville Middle School
Deep, Timothy B., Telfair County, Telfair County High School
Stanley, Renee B., Toombs County, Toombs Central Elementary School
Cook, Anne H., Troup County, Ethel Kight Magnet Elementary School
Thompson, Mary Alane, Troup County, West Side Magnet School
Hale, Martha Burtz, Union County, Union County Elementary School
Warren, Gwen Y., Vidalia City, J. R. Trippe Middle School
Tanner, Darlene C., Ware County, Ware Magnet School
Otte, Larry J., Whitfield County, Dug Gap Elementary School
Jackson, Andrew, Wilkes County, Washington-Wilkes High School

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