Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ashworth College Adds Graduate Certificates to Master’s Program

Ashworth College announced today that it will be expanding its Master’s program, to include Graduate Certificate programs. The six new certificate programs join the existing Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degree programs.

Comprised of one semester’s worth of graduate level courses within a specific area of concentration, Ashworth’s Graduate Certificates will cover the following areas of specialty - Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Management, and Marketing.

“Ashworth’s graduate-level certificate programs are a great alternative for bachelor’s degree holders who want to complete graduate level coursework in specific areas without completing an entire degree program, or for those who already have a master’s degree and want to branch out to a different area of expertise,” said F. Milton Miller, Ed.D., Ashworth Vice President of Education. “Students are able to select the courses of their choice to create a customized certificate program.”

“Another advantage to a certificate program is allowing students the opportunity to test the waters by completing a certificate program before committing to a full blown graduate degree program,” Miller added. “If a full degree makes sense in the future, students can transfer the credits to the corresponding Ashworth Master’s degree program.”

When developing Graduate Certificates, Ashworth College considered the perceived rigidity of a traditional Masters program, as well as cost and time commitments associated with a master’s degree. Ashworth limited the program to five courses within a specific area of specialization where students could create a customized program that fit their personal career goals.

“Our students are looking to move up in their existing careers,” commented Deepa Chadha, Ashworth Director of Degree Programs. “Depending on their career goals, and especially given the current economic climate, they believe that some level of higher education will give them the competitive advantage they need.”

As a leader in distance education, Ashworth’s programs are built around self-paced study. Compared to brick and mortar institutions, students do not attend classes (on site, conference call, online, etc.) and are not required to participate in group projects.

Ashworth College

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