Friday, August 21, 2009

'The Number Two Pencil Solution': One Public School Teacher's Fight to Fend off Forces Bent on Destroying Public Education for Good

/PRNewswire/ -- Author Harry Ernest Fitch is proud to announce the release of his new book, "The Number Two Pencil Solution" (published by iUniverse), a book that takes readers inside the ever-changing face of the U.S. public education system. Follow along as Dan Wilder, a public school English teacher, dedicated to overseeing merit and achievement in his language arts students, interacts with many of the new mandates and policies created by the likes of the No Child Left Behind Act. Discover for yourself how these new policies make it more of a challenge for educators to teach in the public school system.

From ever-increasing regulations and mandates, to opponents of public school funding, to rigid administrators and indulgent parents, Wilder faces a mounting battle against a relentless bureaucracy that he believes he fights alone, especially as he deals with his disintegrating marriage to Mary Elizabeth, a third grade teacher.

"Every child can learn!" The words burst from his lips in unbridled anger. "Let us do our jobs! The effective way we know how! The way education is headed, every child will pass. But their so-called success will be hollow. And the so-called brighter students will lose motivation. That's what dumbing down like this does."

As Dan Wilder senses the education he loves is vanishing and may be a symptom of the inevitability of change, he revisits his hometown, where he realizes the futility of his situation, leading him to commit his final symbolic act of defiance.

Dedicated to all teachers who strive for excellence against the rising tide of mediocrity within public education, Fitch welcomes all readers to read his book and realize what our underpaid and overworked staff of public educator's face each and every day they set foot into their classrooms.

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