Monday, September 28, 2009

IMPACT Year 2: Science, Math and Fun

he second year of the successful University of West Georgia IMPACT program is set to begin this weekend on Friday, Oct. 2, and Saturday, Oct. 3, with a science demonstration at the Technology-enhanced Learning Center, room 1305.

Improving Motivation, Performance, and Attitudes of Children and Teachers or IMPACT is a grant-funded program that helps children and educators get excited about math and science by hands-on learning that encourages creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Mad Georgia Tech Scientist Dr. A will kick off IMPACT Year 2 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday with a demonstration of his Sensational Science. He will show off his science prowess with the properties of super cool cryogenics, which is liquid nitrogen that measures a negative 321 degrees, the hot fire tornado, the bang of the Binaca cannon, Newton's Laws and other exciting experiments.

The 90-minute program continues for two more performances on Saturday at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Registration is ongoing and costs $1 for children and $2 for adults. Arriving 15 minutes early is recommended. To register and for more information on IMPACT and the weekend presentations, go to

IMPACT Year 2 will also host Saturday camps.

This year, Saturday Science and Math Camps for K-8 students will be hosted from Oct. 31 through April and finish with an awards ceremony in May. The camps offer a wide range of fun and educational courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to children and educators for a registration fee of $5.

All sessions will be led by knowledgeable university scientists, experienced science educators and passionate students who are committed to enhancing teaching and learning of science and mathematics in the West Georgia region. To view the camp schedule, go to

In 2008, the Alice Huffard Richards Fund granted $100,000 for one year for the IMPACT program. At the end of the first year, an evaluation determined that the program successfully met its goals and was renewed for a two-year cycle at $100,000 per year for a possible funding of up to $300,000. The grant is administered through the Community Foundation of West Georgia.

UWG Professors Sharmistha Basu Dutt, associate professor of chemistry and director of Engineering Studies, and Gail Marshall, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, are coordinators of the grant program.

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