Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Emory Financial Aid: Resources Remain Strong

Emory University remains committed to "need blind" admissions and to meeting the full, demonstrated financial need for dependent, traditional undergraduate students during these challenging financial times.

"Emory, like all institutions and businesses, is having to adjust to a new economic reality and this will impact the budget in a variety of ways. However, financial aid is among our top priorities and we expect to devote more – not fewer – resources to financial aid in the coming years to ensure that all students who are admitted can attend independent of economic background," says Santa Ono, senior vice provost for undergraduate education.

Emory also is increasing accessibility for low- and middle-income students through the Emory Advantage grant and loan relief program as well as other financial aid programs. Overall, Emory's Office of Financial Aid is seeing increased demand for assistance due to the recent economic downturn. The financial aid staff is urging parents and students (prospective and current) to plan ahead to determine their budgets, apply early for aid and carefully weigh options.

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