Thursday, July 31, 2008

Atlanta Christian College Offers CLEP Exams

Atlanta Christian College is pleased to announce that CLEP exams will now be available on the ACC campus, beginning August 1. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a credit-by-examination program, sponsored by the College Board, which gives students the opportunity to earn college credit by earning qualifying scores on exams. CLEP exams are computer-based and administered on the computer in the Enrollment Office at ACC.

Students take CLEP for a variety of reasons. Some use CLEP to shorten the time it takes to earn a college degree, thereby saving money on tuition and fees. Others take CLEP to move on to more advanced courses sooner, complete basic requirements in order to take more electives, or satisfy college requirements.

“The biggest benefit of taking a CLEP test is that it will save students time and money,” said Colleen Ramos, vice president of enrollment management and professional studies at ACC. “These tests also recognize your past experiences and allow you to test your knowledge.”

CLEP exams also offer a low-cost method for earning college credit. At $90 ($70 for the exam plus $20 administration fee), each exam is a fraction of the tuition required for a similar college course. The 90-minute, computer-based exams are offered in more than 34 subjects, ranging from U.S. history to Spanish to college algebra. Students receive their scores immediately upon completion of the exam (except for the English Composition with Essay exam).

Students have the opportunity to prepare for CLEP exams using the CLEP Official Study Guide, which helps students learn more about CLEP exams and decide which CLEP exams to take. It includes sample test questions for all 34 CLEP exams and provides test-taking tips and a list of study resources to help students prepare for the exams. Individual subject guides are also available online on the CLEP web site.

Nearly 3,000 colleges and universities grant credit or advanced standing based on CLEP exam performance. However, it is not necessary to be enrolled in college in order to take a CLEP test.

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