Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ashworth College Enlists Life Balance Experts to Lead Working Mom Online Discussion Group

Ashworth College announced today that professional life coaches Georgette E. Correa and Carmine Augustin will be guest speakers for its upcoming live online discussion -- February 25 at 3:00 pm EST.

The latest component of the Ashworth Moms Challenge, the live discussion will center on achieving a positive work/life balance and will take place on Participation is not limited to Ashworth student and alumni. Rather all working moms will be able to access the discussion from any of Ashworth College’s many social sites including Face book and MySpace.

“I love the subject the human mind and the human experience,” said Correa who makes her home in the Atlanta area and admits to being a self-help junkie. “I love having discussions with people in order to understand the "why" and "what."

“Achieving balance is about engaging in only that which holds value,” she added. “I try to help my clients authentically embrace that what is true (important) and in turn, courageously discarding what isn’t.”

The live discussion is just one of several activities available to working moms through April 30. Currently moms from all walks of life have been cultivating support networks as well as creating online diaries to chronicle their goals and successes toward achieving work/life balance.

“The average working mom is constantly challenged and as a working mother I can certainly identify,” acknowledged Connie White, Ashworth Director of Education Services. “Bringing working moms together demonstrates that we don’t have to do this alone”

“The motivation, support and encouragement of the community will help many moms keep going – especially for those who are juggling family, work and education,” she added.

Guest speakers

Charmaine Augustin, is known as the “Work Life Balance Expert.” Author, motivational speaker, former talk show host and owner of Lifestyle and Trends and LifeZine magazine, this Life Coach specializes in helping women achieve work/life balance. Augustin currently resides in Dacula, GA with her husband and three children. As a working mother, entrepreneur and community volunteer serves as a foundation for helping others. She is also a member of the Georgia Coach Association.

Georgette E. Correa is a certified Life Purpose Coach and owner of Almost Perfect Coaching. Entering this field, her goal has been to become a force of change in the world. Her focus is to provide a safe-haven through coaching by awakening the truth in each and every human being she engages. She strongly believes that in order to live life on purpose, one must first love, know and courageously create self.
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