Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shortt Scholarship Established at UWG

Sylvia Shortt, assistant director of International Services and Programs at the University of West Georgia, has been given a thumbs up by UWG international students and alumni with the establishment of the Sylvia Shortt Scholarship for International Students.

Recognized statewide as an experienced authority on immigration rules and regulations of international students, Shortt now serves as the university's specialist on immigration issues with international undergraduate and graduate students, which number 127 this year at UWG.

Nigerian Femi Owodunni, class of ’98, helped establish the scholarship.

"To begin to understand the enormity of Sylvia's role, one must first appreciate the assimilation challenges these students face coming from major international capitals to a town the size of Carrollton,” said Owodunni.

"It is in appreciation of Ms. Shortt's commitment to ensuring a fulfilling and engaging experience for each student that this endowment was created.

Sylvia Shortt is the very essence of Southern hospitality, an embodiment of the creed that has kept West Georgia on our minds years after our sojourn on her campus.”

Shortt oversees special orientation for internationals, cultural and diversity training and counseling and communication with other government agencies such as Drivers License, Social Security and IRS, international student recruitment and tax services.

For more information on the scholarship programs at UWG, call 678-839-6582.

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