Friday, February 27, 2009

Fight the Recession and High Cost of College Text Books -- Skoobit Helps Parents Save Hundreds on Textbooks for Students in College

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Although the current American economy is in a recession, the cost to send kids to college—and to purchase textbooks—is still on the rise. For parents who are making ends meet on tighter budgets, Skoobit, an online textbook rental service, will help to achieve money-saving goals.

Skoobit provides a cost-efficient service that allows students to rent the textbooks they need for the period of time they need them without having to buy the books and sell them back for cents on the dollar. To take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity, simply visit to register. Skoobit’s website is very user-friendly and provides a variety of different plans, with the most popular plan being $10.99 a month per book. Skoobit will also provide FREE shipping and handling for both the renting and returning of the textbooks.

Christopher Blythe, founder of Skoobit, realized that textbooks can cost an average of $300-$400 per semester, and he was determined to create a solution to alleviate some of the financial stress related to obtaining an education. As a result, Blythe developed a way in which Skoobit’s services can in some cases help students rent every textbook they need for around the cost of purchasing just one overpriced book.

“Hopefully more parents and students will recognize that textbook rental is the most cost-efficient way to go,” said Blythe. “Students shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on books they won’t keep when there is a reasonable alternative.”

By taking advantage of economical opportunities like Skoobit, parents and students don’t have to be victims of America’s financial situation. They can be survivors.

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